Podcast – Are You Addicted to Being Busy?

We all need a healthy amount of responsibility and purpose, but how much is too much? Today, I explore this topic and, in doing so, get candid about how I still battle with my drive to be busy and feelings of not doing enough.


You’ll also find out:

  • My recent experience with a cold and how it affected my thoughts on this topic
  • Why I’m proud of how far I’ve come re: feelings associated with my self-worth
  • My epiphany this week as to how much work I still need to do re: my drive to be busy
  • The role purpose plays in our lives
  • Why I think a little bit of hurriedness is a good thing
  • Why I’m not sure just existing is healthy
  • How to discern how much busy is too much
  • Simple questions to ask yourself to evaluate if you’re too busy
  • Why we all know what’s right for us re: amount of things on our plate
  • An exercise that will help you figure out your level of busy



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