Podcast – A Candid Conversation with my Daughter Cierra

An Honest Chat About Therapy, Adulting, and Transitioning

In this CarSmart Episode, my daughter Cierra rides along in the passenger seat and talks all about therapy, relationships, family and becoming an adult. She shares how she feels about going off to a non-traditional college on her own and what she has accomplished in the past few months preparing for college and writing her book. In addition, I explain what my own struggles have been as a parent when it comes to all the big changes.

If I had asked my daughter to ride along and participate in a podcast one month ago even, I don’t think she would’ve agreed to it. In the past few months (and especially this past one), she has gone through some MAJOR adulting and life realizations. She’s learned about her identity and how she doesn’t need to feel trapped or confined by it. Again and again, we see our kids labeling themselves or others. No, these labels aren’t always harsh, but they can still be more painful than we realize as parents. For instance, my daughter used to believe that track and field was her life. She was afraid to write a book, because she didn’t want the book to be her identity. Going to therapy allowed her to accept that she can do things that will make her proud of herself, and that those things don’t have to define her as a result.


What You Will Learn In This Podcast About Therapy and Adulting: 

  • The most profound thing my daughter Cierra learned from going to therapy. (2:00)
  •  Why EMDR therapy is life-changing. (3:05)
  • Why kids may be hesitant or unwilling to go to therapy. (3:35)
  • Why Cierra shuts down when she’s uncomfortable. (5:50)


Thank you for listening to this CarSmart Episode. I hope you enjoyed my daughter tagging along, cause I sure as heck did!


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