Podcast – Affiliate Marketing when You Don’t Have a List with Tiffany Lee Bymaster

In this episode, I talk with Tiffany Lee Bymaster about how she was able to become one of the top affiliate marketers — by accident. Tiffany reveals her organic approach to passionately sharing things with people who are not on an email list, but, rather, on a close circle-of-friends list. You’ll learn how she develops real relationships with business owners and online entrepreneurs.

Also, because of her unique coaching process, Tiffany is able to establish a community of support filled with strong bonds and trust. After you hear her story, it’ll become crystal clear how heart-centered marketing is a great alternative to traditional (often “slimy”) internet / affiliate marketing.


You’ll find out:

  • Different types of affiliate marketing
  • What is passive income, exactly
  • My personal story of when I first started investing in business seminars and what I learned
  • The day Tiffany approached me to become an affiliate for one of my seminars
  • Tiffany’s full-time job before getting into marketing
  • Tiffany’s intention when she shares — anything — with her followers
  • How Smart Success was the catalyst for one of Tiffany’s biggest milestones
  • How Tiffany describes what she does (for a living) now
  • Tiffany’s step-by-step process in building up her following
  • Tiffany’s unique definition of what sales is
  • How Tiffany keeps her people accountable, both in groups and one-on-one
  • How Tiffany’s role has segued into a business coach
  • The lessons Tiffany has learned running accountability groups
  • When and why Tiffany started to set bigger goals for herself
  • Why success is not about the numbers you’re pulling in on social media
  • Why Tiffany never thought she’d be in the position she’s in today
  • Tiffany’s advice on how to start (when you don’t have a following)



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