Podcast – Why is Alzheimer’s More Common in Women? | Dr. Lisa Mosconi | XX Brain

Today, I sit down with Neuroscience and Women’s Health expert, Dr. Lisa Mosconi (director of the Women’s Brain Initiative). While studies show more women than men develop Alzheimer’s, research proves that simple lifestyle changes improve cognition and, in turn, decrease our risk for this disease. On this episode, Dr. Mosconi and I discuss what those lifestyle changes are, the difference between women’s and men’s brains and so much more! Get ready to take some notes because this interview could possibly change the future of your health.


You’ll find out…

  • Why it’s more challenging to conduct a study that involves women
  • Dr. Mosconi’s background
  • Why we need to seek preventative care for Alzheimer’s, today, before we have any symptoms
  • The science / studies that look at the difference between: men and women’s brains / dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • What is the Women’s Brain Initiative and why Dr. Mosconi founded it
  • Differences between MRIs / brain scans
  • Why Western medicine is reactive care
  • How hormones actually matter a lot for women’s brains
  • How men’s and women’s brains differ from a biological and physiological perspective
  • Why Alzheimer’s disease is not a disease of old age
  • What areas of the brain are impacted by Alzheimer’s
  • Early symptoms one might experience due to Alzheimer’s
  • The percentage of women who have no symptoms of menopause
  • Why you’re at higher risk of having lower energy level in your brain the more intense your menopausal symptoms are
  • How 1/3 of all cases of Alzheimer’s disease could potentially be prevented by addressing modifiable risk factors
  • The number one lifestyle factor to contribute to Alzheimer’s and early menopause
  • Two things that could potentially make your brain age faster
  • The diet women should consider as preventative for brain health
  • How soy and red wine contribute, if at all, to brain health
  • Should women be supplementing with their brain health in mind
  • Advice for women wondering how prone they might be to Alzheimer’s
  • How big of a deal is exercise when it comes to our brain health
  • Specific exercises — cardio vs lifting — that are best for brain health
  • How the lifestyle choices we make on a daily basis affect our brains



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