How to Quit your Job and Pursue Your Dreams | with, Amy Porterfield

In this episode, my guest, Amy Porterfield — author of the upcoming book “Two Weeks Notice” — and I discuss how to determine the right time to leave your 9 to 5 job and start your own business or side hustle. We also address common concerns, such as: lack of support from a partner, limited time and resources, and creating a plan to make it happen.


You’ll find out:

  • My history with Amy
  • Why it’s important to consider a side hustle / entrepreneurship
  • Why having a 9 to 5 means you aren’t in control of your life
  • What are the Golden Handcuffs
  • Why/how Amy got clear on her WHY
  • The 4 Quadrants (that’ll help you figure out what to do in your future business life)
  • The difference between your passion and what lights you up
  • Why Amy suggests getting into action to find some clarity
  • How to rewire your mind into believing YOU are a leader
  • What is unbossing yourself
  • Why Amy doesn’t believe in plans, but, rather, doing things scared
  • Amy’s advice for those who fear the unknown
  • The difference between confidence and courage (in starting a business)
  • Sharing with your boss your side hustle endeavors
  • What is a Post It Party
  • Amy’s thoughts on acting now vs waiting



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