Podcast – How to Reverse Engineer the Sale of Your Business with Angela Mader, Creator of Fitbook

In this episode of Build Your Tribe, I talk with FitBook creator, Angela Mader, all about the process of building / selling a company including, what happens after the company is sold. For anyone who has a business or wants to start one, the information provided today will prove so incredibly valuable! Angela is so generous and insightful with the knowledge she shares, that we decided to make this a 2-parter. So, just make sure to look out for part 2, next Thursday, because it gets even juicier!


You’ll find out…

  • Details about the business / brand Angela created and what she learned (good and bad) along the way
  • Mistakes Angela made in her business that could’ve been avoided
  • Why you must think macro if you’re wanting to grow your brand
  • What problem Fitbook solved (i.e., the reason behind Angela creating it)
  • How much of the branding (for Fitbook) was Angela’s doing
  • When Angela had her first profitable year
  • How Angela maintained a singular focus while creating her brand
  • Angela’s recommendation for branching out (after your product has experienced success)
  • How Angela achieved her first licensing deal
  • The deciding factor / catalyst in selling Fitbook
  • Why you may not want to outsource selling your brand
  • Angela’s QVC story
  • The mistake most people with a product they create 
  • The importance of working with an attorney who has experience in the sale of businesses



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