Podcast – Angie Lee on Focus, Multi-passions, Working with Family, Dividing Time and ADHD

Today, I sit down with Angie Lee — successful entrepreneur, founder of Soul CBD. We’ve partnered to develop a new product, Sleepi Gummies! You’ll hear all about how/why we came together in this partnership, plus we get real on myriad topics, like: what it takes to work with family, how we set ourselves up for success while living with ADHD, and new projects Angie is working on that may, ultimately, shift her priorities.


You’ll also find out:

  • All about Angie’s role with Soul CBD
  • The relationship Angie has with her brother, Mike, CEO of Soul CBD
  • How she and her brother defined their roles in their business
  • The level of communication — what works and doesn’t work — between Angie and Mike in business/personal life
  • The benefit of working with family
  • How Bret and I work with our children in our business
  • Angie’s quarter-life + 6-year crisis
  • Why Angie loves being an influencer
  • Angie’s love for writing, comedy and Stand Up
  • How Angie stays focused and on track (with ADHD)
  • Why it’s more important for those with ADHD to do what they love
  • Why it was so difficult for me to write a book
  • How/why structure is imperative for success



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