Podcast – Let’s Chat Anxiety, Netflix, Surgery, GenZ, Self-Care

I polled my Instagram followers, asking what topic they might like me to cover in this episode. The overwhelming response? Chat about all the things! So, as you can tell from the title, I oblige and do exactly that!


You’ll find out:

  • My thoughts on The D’Amelio Show (on Hulu) and why I recommend it
  • Why/how this generation of “kids” has it harder than generations before
  • Additional shows (to stream) I loved and highly recommend
  • The difference between a mini tummy tuck and a general tummy tuck
  • Details as to what exactly I had done re: plastic surgery
  • My surprise re: healing post-surgery
  • What I would say to anyone considering plastic surgery (including myself – if I could go back in time)
  • My healing regiment post-surgery
  • My thoughts on hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment
  • How/why my sleep has improved, as of late
  • What is silicone tape and how it helps with scars (old and new)
  • My experience feeling like I was having a mental breakdown
  • The epiphany I had re: my mental health


Podcast By Chalene Johnson – Anxiety Netflix Surgery GenZ Self-Care


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