Are 6 Small Meals Making Us Fat with Jason Fung | The Eat Less Move More Myth

Dr. Jason Fung is one of the most outspoken physicians, fighting against obesity. He controversial, he’s passionate, and he has the experience and research to back up his position. He has medical degree from the university of Toronto, and completed a fellowship in nephrology from UCLA, and currently practices as a kidney and weight loss interventionist. He has experience treating though sands of insulin resistant patients, and this lead him to seek out alternative forms of healing. In his experience, Dr. Fung’s diabetic patients who were following the typical treatment protocol were getting sicker. So he decided to reject this outdated approach to treatment, and start his own clinic. His approach is dietary intervention and he has reversed diabetes in his patients. He is the author of The Obesity Code, and The Complete Guide to Fasting.

In this episode we talk about fasting, the myth around calorie reduction and exercise, and the steps to reversing disease.

Topics covered in this episode:
– Understanding what ACTUALLY causes obesity
– The myth of eating a bunch of small meals a day
– Why restricting calories doesn’t work
– Butter versus margarine and why you shouldn’t eat vegetable oil
– Why you should be eating full fat products as opposed to low fat and non fat
– Fat, dairy, and meat – should we be consuming them?
– Dr. Fung’s advice on what our diets should look like
– The debate of a vegan diet and your optimal level of health
– How we are setting our kids up for failure

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