Are GMO’s Actually Safe? with Dr. Steve Savage

In this episode we talk to a GMO advocate… Dr. Steve Savage.

When it comes to gut health we are learning more every day. At the root of our gut issues is the undeniable truth that we’ve been ingesting food that has been creating damaging effects on the lining of our colon.

In the quest to heal my own, every expert I’ve spoken to, they’ve all recommended removing GMO’s from your diet.

However, one thing that is true is that simple labels have been complicated and muddled by crafty marketing and political agenda.

I’m not going to profess to have all the answers. But in an effort to help you make a more informed decision about what goes on your plate, I wanted to bring you an expert from the other side.

Dr. Steve Savage, a 35-year veteran of agricultural science, has a BS in Biology from Stanford University, and a PHD in plant pathology from UC Davis. Since 1996 he has been working as an independent consultant in the agricultural community.

This interview reminded me that we all need a healthy dose of skepticism. We need to be our own advocates, and our own researchers. We can’t just believe everything thrown at us in the news or online.

Topics Covered in this Interview:

– What does GMO actually mean? Generally speaking; Plants that have intentionally altered genes.
– In this audio Dr. Steve Savage covers the different types of genetically modification.
– Health implications and misconceptions of GMO’s.
– How to handle our food being sprayed with pesticides and chemicals?
– As a consumer, what should we be paying attention to?
– The misconceptions that consumers need to be aware of as it relates to USDA certified organic.
– The biggest myth around the term organic.
– What does organic actually mean?
– The fact that Organic farmers still use some level or pesticides.
– How are companies able to sell organic products that are genetically modified?
– From a marketing standpoint, what are some of the red flags to look for on labels?
– The marketing of non existence.

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