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How to Become an Expert in Your Field

Are you accepting mediocracy? You may feel successful each day… doing your work, getting things done and feeling accomplished. But how do you know you’re on your way to becoming a true master and leader in your field? In this episode, I will show you how you can discern whether or not you’re accepting mediocracy (even while achieving your goals) because you’re standards are too low. I’m not at all trying to attack you and tell you that you’re not doing enough, but it is REALLY important to be reminded that you can always do more! It’s time to stop accepting that which is not acceptable to you!

Life is designed to test your faith and your beliefs. That is why oftentimes we are greatly challenged when we have to step up and reach for greatness. It’s so easy to accept mediocracy… whether it’s out of fear or even out of financial anxiety. But now, it is my duty to tell you that no longer can you make excuses that you will go for greatness when things are more comfortable.

accepting mediocracy

What You Will Learn In This Podcast About Acknowledging if You Are Accepting Mediocracy: 

  • Limiting beliefs are often role models to us.
  • The little voice in your head says, “ I could do that“ then simultaneously says “but what if people judge me.”
  • You have a false belief that growth is supposed to be easy or comfortable.
  • You can simultaneously picture yourself in a different position and at the same time somehow believe you were meant for it.
  • You intentionally surround yourself with people who make you feel comfortable about where you are rather than inspired by where you could beat.
  • You find yourself regularly making excuses for all the reasons why it’s OK to accept that what you don’t love.
  • There’s a whole lot of dialogue and far less action.

Thank you for tuning in to this episode. Hopefully, this episode can be a wake-up call for you. To get you motivated and searching for more you can do because there is always more! Best of luck, and remember… you’re the BOMB.com.

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