Podcast – Are You Happy?

We’re all busy, right? Ultimately, “busy” is just a relative term (the ability to manage time and priorities) and a state of mind. The thing to really focus on is figuring out how to stay happy and restore yourself through the daily grind. Well today, Bret and I share tips and suggestions on just that — promising to make your life happier (if even just a little)!


You’ll find out:

  • How both Bret and I, individually, restore ourselves
  • Why Bret does the infrared sauna (almost) every day
  • The activity that reboots my system
  • My formal apology to florists
  • Why it’s so important to know what your partner needs (i.e., makes them happy)
  • Why it’s crucial to identify the ONE thing that makes you unhappy
  • The one word you need to really learn to say
  • When, specifically, you’re making other people’s problems YOUR problems
  • The value in prioritizing yourself


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