Podcast – Are You Really Healthy?

It’s not just food or exercise that impacts your health. Everything you do and every choice you make either repairs, destroys, or maintains your current state of wellbeing. In this Episode, I’m going to give you an action plan that guides you in evaluating 8 significant areas of life. Each of these 8 areas plays a huge roll in your overall spiritual / mental / physical wellbeing. So get ready to take notes because it’s time to take responsibility for your health!

You’ll discover…

  • The latest surprising science about health (e.g., aging, genes, etc.)
  • When I first learned that good health meant more than diet and exercise
  • How I turned my dangerous health scare around
  • The day I found out my health changed for the better and why it was proudest moment
  • Why I changed my message in Social Media
  • The 8 areas of life you need to evaluate
  • How to ascertain which of these 8 areas in life to focus on
  • A pep talk by yours truly to get you to start



Check out the Brain Scan Before & After as referenced in the episode…

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