Are Your Goals Selfish or Destructive

Some people have a drive to broadcast to the world, everything that’s been accomplished in their life.  There is an unwavering desire to flaunt accomplishments.  Have you ever seen someone online that seems to be overhyping their life… Like, do you honestly just cruise around in your private jet all day sipping on champagne. No! But that’s what they want you to believe, because if you believe that, then that somehow makes them more lovable and “better” than you.

When I hear someone say that they have a goal that’s on their bucket list, a red flag pops up. Here’s why. In my opinion, the true nature of that goal hasn’t been explored. Most likely that goal doesn’t have the right intentions, however it’s probably a goal that would stroke your ego.  For example, it’s on my bucket list to compete in a fitness competition… or it’s on my bucket list to be the best hair stylist in town.

Now I don’t want to make a blanket statement that all bucket list goals aren’t purpose driven. However, I do want you to hear me out when it comes to a particular goal that doesn’t have the right intention behind it.

Some red flags of self serving goals:
– If “the best” or “the greatest” or a phrase interchangeable with those is a part of the goal.
– You are looking to prove someone wrong or trying to impress a friend or family member.

Dive deeper with me and click play below, because your goals should be about feel, not about ego. I’m ready to dish out some tough love, because I truly believe that you’re worth it. You’re worth fighting for. You’re goals and big dreams are accomplishable, but when they are set with the right intentions, your life is fulfilling!

So grab a pen and pad of paper so that we can dive deep together.

There is no goal or accomplishment that you could achieve, that would prove to you or the world, that you are enough… if you don’t believe it to be true for yourself.


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