Podcast – How Artists Can Pivot and Thrive, with Broadway Actor, Bret Shuford

Imagine being a creative — who depends on in-person performances to make a living — finding ways to thrive during a pandemic. Well, today, Brock interviews not-so-typical entrepreneur, Bret Shuford — Broadway actor, life coach and podcaster. They’ll discuss what it’s like to pursue a career as an artist, how he and his husband were able to create additional streams of income in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds and how any entrepreneur — not just the creative type — can do the same!


You’ll find out:

  • Different streams of income Bret explores
  • How Bret and his husband shifted their priorities early on in the pandemic
  • How Bret keeps up with all his content production
  • How Bret knew it was the right time to bring someone onto his team
  • The biggest misconception for artists / creatives re: finding a side hustle
  • Why having a Plan B matters, especially for artists
  • How is building a business as an artist different from someone who isn’t a creative type
  • Tips for artists to get started with a side hustle
  • Bret’s first business
  • Bret’s biggest lesson learned overseeing several businesses
  • How Bret goes about promoting his services without falling into the trap of selling



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