Podcast – Lifer Update | Balls, Boobs and Bob

Friday episodes have quickly become a fan favorite and this week should be no exception! I spill the tea on everything you want to know about recovering from plastic surgery, Bret’s recent treatments, and the latest in our struggle to find the best solution for Bob.


You’ll also find out:

  • A new organization/home we connected with (for Bob’s future)
  • Why I feel no guilt re: our decision for Bob (and for us)
  • Why it’s not good to do a slow transition when changing Bob’s living situation
  • Details on my surgery and the facility I’m staying at
  • When/why I got breast implants, originally
  • Why I decided to undergo my current surgeries
  • How much I’m loving the facility I’m staying at (to recover)
  • The hardest part of my recovery
  • How I feel about breast implants, in general (i.e., my thoughts on cosmetic surgery)
  • Why I’m not a fan of maintenance appointments (e.g., hair, nails, etc.)



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