Podcast – How To Be More Productive When You Work From Home

Are you more productive working from home or at the office? For me, working from home proves to be much more beneficial truly maximizing my productivity. But that comes with a caveat: I must have certain strategies in place to ensure my success. In this episode, I’ll share tips that allow me to stay focused while working from home in the hopes they will help you, too!


You’ll also find out…

  • Why I’m not productive when I go to the office
  • Why you must adopt a working schedule with time frames suited to your attention span
  • Personal examples of how I schedule my work day from home, including: how long I work, planning breaks, etc.
  • Why eating and working at the same time halts your digestion
  • My favorite YouTube channel
  • Why you must use alarms to stick to your work schedule from home
  • How the idea for PUSH Journals started and why they are an integral part of my success working from home
  • The power of using a physical journal — and not your phone — to get tasks accomplished
  • Why you can’t be truly productive working in clutter
  • The importance of how your work space makes you feel
  • Things to consider to maximize your home environment for work
  • The tools you need to increase your productivity
  • Why you must be up-to-date with the newest technology / software


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