Podcast – The Best of Friendships and Interpersonal Relationships 2019

Episodes dedicated to the subject of Friendships and Interpersonal relationships prove to be some of my most popular and highest ranking. So, I decided to conclude 2019 with a montage of best tips and advice from these shows into one unforgettable Best Of episode!


You’ll hear:

  • Why we are tormented by certain friendships
  • When it’s okay to let go of a friendship
  • The #1 reason people treat others poorly
  • When and why people change
  • The one time I told a friend I could no longer have them in my life and why
  • My definition of what true quality of friendship is
  • Why trying to make another person happy can be a selfish act
  • When I don’t trust someone
  • The worst time to have a conversation about something that feels like a big deal
  • When it’s important to talk about your shortcomings
  • The power of empathy in a relationship
  • The best way to feel understood by a friend
  • The importance of refueling ourselves
  • What you need to do if you don’t have close friendships
  • How to start cultivating a group of friends
  • The traits all of my friends have in common (i.e., what I look for in friendships)
  • How and why you are responsible for your friendships or lack thereof



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