Podcast – The Best of Parenting Advice 2019

As you might know, my goal with The Chalene Show is to make your overall life better. So, every week, I talk about topics that’ll help you get your whole life right — from health to mindset to goals to relationships to diet to faith to fitness to beauty and more! Well, one of the subjects I cover most (and asked about most) is parenting. And in 2019, I dedicated many episodes to this important topic! Because of which, I thought I’d put together a Best Of for you! I hope you love it and find it super useful!


You’ll find out…

  • Why I was terrified of Cierra becoming a teenager
  • The importance of staying the course as a parent
  • What to look for in a mentor
  • Examples of poor parenting habits and traits
  • Why moms must have a plan
  • Why you shouldn’t allow someone else’s priorities influence yours
  • Why it’s crucial to constantly remind yourself that you don’t get a redo when it comes to raising your kids
  • Why it’s wrong to use your kids as an excuse (to not pursue your dreams, etc.)
  • The most important thing we can teach children
  • One of the most damaging things a child can feel (in their home environment)
  • Why you, as a mom, should never compare your progress to someone who has a different life
  • Why yelling at your child just reinforces their behaviors
  • Difficult questions parents should be asking themselves
  • Why having kids is hard but worth it
  • How I define legacy in terms of our kids



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