Podcast – Bone Broth, Probiotics, and Keto with Dr. Josh Axe

You are in store for an excellent interview today as I welcome Dr. Axe to the show! He’s the co-founder of Ancient Nutrition, a true natural health pioneer, and his website is visited by 17 million people every single month (making it #1 in natural health)! In this episode, Dr. Axe and I talk all things diet, of course. Topics include: collagen, probiotics, supplements, bone broth, his new book (Keto Diet), weight gain, hormone imbalance, carbs, animal proteins, plants, spices / herbs, personalized medicine, and so much more!


You’ll find out…

  • How probiotics work, the importance of them, and where to find them
  • Are we better served by not over cleaning our vegetables?
  • The difference between a live probiotic and what we see on the shelves for months and months
  • How to know what we need in a probiotic (i.e., what to look for)
  • What type of probiotic actually should be refrigerated
  • What exactly is a human strain probiotic
  • Why Dr. Axe believes that kids today are having so many allergies, food sensitivities, and immune system issues
  • Why it is most of us are bankrupt in probiotics
  • If we should regularly be on probiotics
  • Whether or not it’s essential to phase probiotics
  • Is it crucial to do probiotics after a bout of antibiotics?
  • Are probiotic supplements enough or should we consume probiotic foods, too?
  • The #1 supplement people should be taking
  • Why plants today have lost so many of their nutrients
  • How the quality of the life and death of the animal you’re eating affects your health
  • What you should be looking for in the beef you’re buying
  • Where to find quality grade animal proteins
  • Everything we need to know about collagen — from the necessity of it in our diets to finding quality options to how many grams a day we should be taking
  • How Chalene healed herself without surgery after her devastating hamstring avulsion
  • The biggest thing we’re missing in our diet (in the U.S.) today that no one is talking about
  • How hormone imbalances occur and may result in Hypothyroidism /  Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  • Dr. Axe’s top 2 tips to remedy Hypothyroidism / Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  • The key nutrients responsible for helping repair and rejuvenate adrenals and thyroids
  • What women are doing wrong in fighting weight gain
  • How often you should schedule “me time” to rejuvenate yourself
  • The protocol Dr. Axe’s mom followed to fight (and eventually beat) cancer
  • What Dr. Axe defines as a healthy diet
  • How to eat for YOUR body (e.g., gallbladder issues, IBS, etc.)
  • Which foods nourish different parts of the body
  • How Chinese medicine looked at health throughout history
  • What it means for our bodies to be damp (80% of women are!) and how to combat that
  • Why personalized medicine is Dr. Axe’s biggest passion today and how he practices
  • How we, as humans, are really meant to do (follow) a Keto diet
  • Why the majority of us eat too many carbs even when we think we’re not



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