Podcast – Breast Implant Illness and CBD Oil with Angie Lee

While typically considered a safe procedure with minimal risk, millions of women worldwide have developed a wide range of symptoms after breast implantation in the 50 years they have been on the market. These symptoms are now commonly considered an autoimmune response and referred to as Breast Implant Illness or BII. While naysayers point to a lack of conclusive evidence, the FDA has warned that the longer breast implants stay in the more problematic they can become. Today, thousands of women have opted to remove their implants. In this episode, we speak with Angie Lee of the Angie Lee Podcast and it Pays to Be Brave event about her own experience with BII and the subsequent removal of her implants at age 29.  

Angie is also the owner and Co-founder of  My Soul CBD. We dig into the anti inflammatory and healing properties of CBD, the difference between CBD and THC, plus common myths and misconceptions. 


You’ll also find…

  • Angie’s personal story as to why she got breast implants
  • The unpredictable symptoms Angie experienced due to her implants
  • Which ongoing symptoms went away after the implants were removed
  • Why I got breast implants (and will I remove them?)
  • If Angie had any negative feedback from women
  • The difference between and benefits of CBD and THC
  • How Angie sources her CBD oil
  • What to look for in CBD oil
  • How to dose your CBD
  • Should you use a capsule or a dropper
  • How to properly give your pets CBD
  • What Angie thinks of CBD candies and baked goods


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