Bret Takes Over | How to Save 4 Figures in 4 Weeks

Challenge Alert! Bret is taking over The Chalene Show and issuing a 30-day challenge to save money. 

He’ll give you 15 things to do for the next 30 days that he feels could save you 4 figures! 

Don’t worry, none of what he’s suggesting is outside-the-box-crazy and, remember, you only have to commit for 30 days. And who knows, you may love the results and continue applying his methods long after the 30 days are up!


You’ll find out:

  • Why Bret wants you drinking only water
  • Why/how to make all your coffee at home
  • Why you’re not allowed to eat out more than once a week
  • Thoughts on a weekly shopping list and buying in bulk
  • Our electricity bill story
  • Why you need to consider carpooling with the kids
  • Canceling apps and subscriptions
  • Selling unwanted items online
  • The power of spending NO money just ONE day a week
  • Looking into refinancing your home (and tips on how to do that)



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