Podcast – Bring Awareness to Eating Disorders

In honor of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, I’ve decided to dedicate today’s episode to this growing crisis. I’ll dispel some of the myths associated with this topic while, also, addressing its ugly reality and dark secrets.


“Eating disorders don’t have a set look. You can’t see mental health.” ~Chalene Johnson

You’ll find out…

  • How we are involuntarily contributing to someone’s eating disorder and/or mental state re: their appearance
  • How we women have an obligation to teach the men in our lives not to comment on our weight
  • How we cannot know when someone is struggling with an eating disorder
  • What eating disorders are really about (hint: it’s not weight)
  • The most well known risk factor that can lead to an eating disorder
  • Why you can’t recommend any particular diet to someone with an eating disorder
  • What it really takes for most women to have 6 pack abs
  • How to know if you are, indeed, struggling with an eating disorder and should seek help
  • Why I’m healthier than I’ve ever been weighing a little bit more
  • My audio book / documentary recommendation



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If you need help: NationEatingDisorders.org

Watch the must see video Be a Lady they Said

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