Podcast – Brock and Chalene Answer Your Instagram Questions Live

Today’s episode is taken from an Instagram Live that Brock and I recently did together. You’ll hear us field questions on all things Instagram! Get ready to learn new best practices and proven time-saving strategies on the platform!


Questions you’ll hear answered, include:

  • Should I have a separate Instagram account for my reselling business or would it be better to use my personal IG account?
  • When you’re in the hustle stage of your business, how many posts should you do a day?
  • Why can’t I get music on one of my accounts when I can on another?
  • Why are my engagement and views down these last few weeks?
  • A lot of people in my industry are getting ahead and becoming influencers because they’re buying fake followers or using Instagram services. Thoughts?
  • There are a lot of people who have become business experts. So, how do I stand out?
  • How many hashtags can you use?
  • I’m trying to build my business here on Instagram. Do I need to be public?
  • Is it still relevant to try and grow a brand on IG or should I look at other platforms?
  • What is more important to reaching new followers – posting to Stories or Feed?
  • How to know what size hashtag grouping I should have?
  • How to get over being nervous on Lives?
  • How many followers should I set for myself to gain per day?
  • Is it best to block fake accounts / bots that follow you?
  • I have 12k followers and I get 1 to 2 comments (it’s embarrassing). What can I do to increase my comments?
  • How do I know what the correct hashtags are?
  • Everyone is trying to be an IG expert. Who should we believe?
  • How long should a Live be?
  • How do you know if your content is the problem?



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