Podcast – How to Build Closeness in a Relationship | CarSmart Edition

After 24+ years of marriage, Bret and I have figured out what it takes to build closeness in our relationship. While every relationship is different and — no doubt — a work in progress, you will most definitely benefit from hearing us open up about what works in our marriage! In addition, we’ll shed some light on what might help you and your significant other grow as a couple. And also, what surprising things can, in fact, often create a wedge between 2 people. We’re so excited to bring you actionable tips that you can put to use today to help build closeness in your relationship!


You’ll discover…

  • The value of and how to apply empathy in a relationship
  • One of the most detrimental things you can bring to a relationship
  • What you should never do in public with your partner
  • The changes in Bret pre and post therapy and how it affected our relationship
  • The #1 most important thing in any relationship
  • Different kinds of secrets between couples
  • How to compliment your spouse
  • The importance of knowing the little things that make a difference to your partner
  • Why Bret and I always made time for “date nights” and how we role modeled them for our kids
  • Why you and your partner should have something physical to do together
  • The significance of thinking of your partner first
  • What it means to honor your partner (especially in front of your children)



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