Build Your Tribe: BUILD A FOLLOWING WITHOUT SOCIAL MEDIA with NYT Best Selling Author Brendon Burchard

brendon part 1In this episode, I interview Brendon Burchard to learn how Brendon built a social media following from scratch. He went from 0 to millions of fans in a short period of time by building a tribe and using the techniques discussed in this podcast.


Discussed in this podcast:

  • The difference between a customer and a Lifer
  • How to change your approach in serving people to create a tribe
  • How to grow your tribe by making people feel like they are a part of something and painting a vision for them
  • How to lead customers on a journey to growing with your business
  • Facebook only shows your posts to 16% of your audience. Go into your Facebook Insights and search for your most engaging posts and repeat them for higher engagement.



Links from this episode:
Brendon Burchard’s website:

Brendon on Facebook:


Time Codes:

0:44 Intro

1:19 Let’s get to know the awesome Brendon Burchard

2:45 What exactly does Brendon do?

3:14 The three questions you should ask yourself, NOW!

4:20 From bankruptcy to $4.6 million in 18months, seriously.

5:38 How did Brendon make that much in such a short time?

7:24 Wanna build a tribe? Start by giving consistent value

8:09 Stop being a perfectionist. Just get your message out then improve upon it.

10:02 Customer vs Lifer

14:02 Don’t aim to be complete, aim for growing with your community

16:26 How and when to give a sense of “inclusiveness” to your community

18:17 Have a vision

18:55 Make your vision individual and personal

21:30 The strategy behind Brendon’s explosive social media growth

22:09 What in the world is Circular Viralacity?

24:21 How to hit a homerun with your social media strategy

25:11 Operation social media simplification

30:02 Repurpose and repost

30:55 Stop and go to the next episode

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