Podcast – The Exact Steps to Build an Online Business

Most people who listen to Build Your Tribe are familiar with my story, but maybe you do not fully understand why it is so important to me that I create the programs and content I do. In today’s episode, I am going to give a brief recap to set the stage of why what I do is so very important to me and my family and why helping and teaching others is my passion.


You’ll find out…

  • How my parents taught me how to create money-making opportunities that also served others
  • My first business venture that taught me business was going to give me freedom
  • A major failure Bret and I experienced that made me realize I needed to take back control and learn how to start and build an online business
  • Why I invested in experts when we didn’t have the funds
  • The importance of betting on yourself
  • The one problem I had despite getting great information with all the courses and seminars I was investing in
  • Why I am so passionate about teaching you how to do all the things in the right order
  • How you can get all the right steps in the right order with the Marketing Impact Academy and why it’s imperative
  • How I’ve been rewarded every time I invest in learning from experts so I can live more


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