Podcast – Should You Build Your Own Brand if You’re in Network Marketing with Trey Bearor

If you’re in Network Marketing, should you be your own brand or lead with your product? Well, my guest today, Trey Bearor, will provide much needed clarity on this often debated topic. As he puts it, he “teaches badass Network Marketers to build an online business without the fake it til you make it BS.”

Trey and I talk about the importance of building a personal brand and why having additional streams of income — separate from your Network Marketing business — is so important.


You’ll find out:

  • Trey’s backstory
  • Why I don’t think Trey fits the mold of a network marketer
  • What attracted Trey to joining a Network Marketing organization
  • How long it took Trey to realize that he could evolve into his own brand after being in the network marketing world
  • The incident that created a wake up call for Trey
  • What inspired Trey to start his first online course
  • The doubts Trey has experienced with Network Marketing
  • How to build additional streams of income the right way
  • How your personal brand and Network Marketing can compliment each other
  • How Trey manages his time with all his commitments: e.g., affiliate marketing / personal brand / network marketing)
  • How Trey finds the time to distribute his content
  • Trey’s thoughts on being a dude in network marketing
  • The demographic Trey tries to target
  • What people are looking for right now on social media



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