Build Your Tribe Tuesday on The Chalene Show | Pinterest Pinfinity with Natalie Jill

natalie jillIn this episode of Build Your Tribe, my guest Natalie Jill shares with us how she built her tribe through sharing her story. Natalie has used Pinterest in an incredible way and has been able to build her other social media platforms by creating a Pinterest Challenge. Through sharing her story, she turned her passion into profits.


Not too long ago Natalie Jill was stuck in corporate America with a high stress job. Diagnosed with celiac disease and dealing with personal trials, she decided to take control of her life. She tapped into NJ fit photo 2her personal knowledge of sport nutrition to find a solution for herself. She realized that she needed to share this solution with others and teach them how to take control of their own life. Natalie Jill built an incredible following on social media in a short amount of time using Pinterest; and in this interview she shares with you exactly how she did that.


nj photo 4In this episode, Natalie shares:

  • The 4 must follow steps to use on Pinterest to build your tribe
  • How to get more traffic to your website and other social media platforms by using Pinterest
  • How to get the right followers
  • How to connect with your followers
  • How to increase engagement through the right call to action


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Time Codes:
0:08 Episode intro
0:32 I hate garage sales
1:11 Today’s topic: Pinterest with Natalie Jill
4:53 Natalie’s social medai numbers
6:56 What is Natalie’s attraction principle that draws her followers
7:37 You can’t please everybody, period!
9:21 Struck those negativity
10:14 How to be real on social media
11:54 Don’t create an expectation of perfection in who you are – be real.
12:11 Are you trying to be politically correct
13:01 Should you use sexy, scantily clad photo to attract followers?
15:29 The four steps to using Pinterest to grow your tribe
17:30 Hear this: It’s NOT ABOUT THE NUMBERS
18:35 Tip #1: Know your goal
20:23 Tip #2 Plan the content
21:53 Can you use somebody else’s content?
23:24 Tip #3 Engage
24:48 Why it’s easier and better to use Pinterest than other social media platforms
26:06 The Cadillac version of Instagram
27:18 Tip #4 Provide value
29:47 Alternatives you can give when you don’t have a freemium bonus
31:27 What problem are you able to solve?
33:17 Closing words

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