Podcast – The Messy Middle | Building an 8-Figure Business with Steve Olsher

Today’s episode comes from an interview I did on the podcast “Beyond 8 Figures” with Steve Olsher. No matter how large you would like to grow your business or how big you would like to set that dream income, it all comes down to the same fundamentals: mindset, struggle, and challenge. In this interview, I’ll share the stages and development that any business owner goes through in order to hit the income goal they’ve set for themselves. You’ll also hear me open up and describe the pain I felt (and mistakes I made) along the way when developing my businesses. To be honest, you’ve never heard me quite like this before on Build Your Tribe!


You’ll learn:

  • How many figures we make annually
  • Why last year way my toughest year
  • The areas in which we missed the mark in our newest business venture
  • Why it was hard to land the marketing piece with 131 Method
  • My entrepreneurial history, including my 1st sell and 1st business (as a teenager)
  • My first business entry into the health and fitness arena and why it took off
  • A history of my different businesses
  • Do I have partnerships today?
  • Where I currently receive royalties from
  • Why and how I transitioned from fitness to helping people build their business
  • Why it’s difficult to sell fitness today
  • Why I had to start from scratch after already having successful ventures
  • My step-by-step process on how I started the Chalene brand (separate from fitness)
  • The number one mistake most entrepreneurs make
  • How I initially started and grew my e-mail list to 100K (in just a few months)
  • The best way to grab emails today
  • What an opt in, lead magnet, or freemium might look like for you
  • Why I’m sure my 1st book got to be a New York Times bestseller
  • The benefits of going Live to build your business
  • Where our current revenue comes from, broken down by percentages
  • The recent difficult lesson I learned about success
  • How Bret and I recently redirected our focus after what might’ve been our most difficult year in business
  • One of our major mistakes when launching 131
  • What I struggle with today behind the scenes
  • Where, I feel, I’m strong as an entrepreneur
  • My advice to anyone who is either currently in a business or wanting to start a business



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