Podcast – Your Business Turned Upside Down…Now What?

Today’s episode is from this week’s Live Webinar with Bret and I. And it’s absolutely essential listening if you’re an employer or own a business of any kind. In our usual real and frank way, we break down the historic CARES ACT Package and tell you everything you need to know from the business owner’s perspective. Whether your business is still up and running, partially running or had to close its doors for now. This is a very scary and uncertain time for any business owner — which makes this show a must listen! That is, if you’re looking to truly stand out in this unprecedented moment in all of our lives.


You’ll hear:

  • What the experts — who Bret and I go to — are saying
  • What to do if you have a relationship with your bank
  • The purpose and details behind the CARES Act (and who’s eligible for it)
  • The things you need to do to have the stimulus converted into a grant (and not a loan)
  • What to do if you’ve already laid off employees
  • How your payment — as a business owner w/ employees — is assessed for a loan amount
  • Why you must consider all scenarios — even 3 years out — and plan for pivoting in any direction
  • How to respond to your employees in this moment (and what Bret and I have told our team)
  • How to be of value as a laid-off employee
  • Why and how the Bill was designed for payroll protection
  • The importance of getting your foundation right as an entrepreneur
  • How to plan for worst-case scenarios (including, the projected 30% unemployment rate)
  • How Bret and I plan on being leaders in this moment
  • What is occupying my thoughts late at night
  • The worst-case scenarios Bret and I have considered for our lives and why it brought me a sense of calm
  • What matters most to me above all things
  • My advice / suggestions / directive for Marketing Impact Academy students
  • What Bret and I are doing for our current MIA students that is very specific to this uncertain time
  • Why and how MIA is changing — for the first time ever — during this pandemic
  • The very first lesson Bret and I are putting together for new and current MIA members
  • My plea for you to reach out to someone and how to provide for them



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