How to Fall Asleep in 60 Seconds | Calm Your Body and Your Mind Today

This particular episode is all about sleep.  I actually recorded this episode in the sleep center at Hoag Hospital! I was there doing a sleep study, so I thought I would be a great time to talk to you about sleep.  I am taking my brain health very serious this year because after a brain scan by Dr. Amen, we realized that I had multiple concussions that I was unaware of and a few holes and dips in my brain which you can see in the image below.   So my brain basically looks bumpy.  This is typically signs of early Alzheimer’s, brain fog, and mental clarity.  So for the record, I thought I was getting enough sleep.  I would categorize myself as having trouble falling asleep.  However, I did the sleep study so we can determine what kind of sleep I’m getting.Untitled design

Current’y we know that 40 million americans suffer from chronic sleep deprivation.  20 million americans suffer from occasional sleep disorder.   So I wanted to share this simple technique to help you fall asleep in about 1 minute.  This is called the 4-7-8.  You use your breath to help tranquilize the body.  Step one is you place your tongue at the ridge between your gums and the top of your teeth.  Then you release all the air in your lungs, then you breath in slowly through your nose counting to 4.  Then hold your breath in for a count of 7.  Then you count to 8 as you exhale slowly out your mouth.  Experts agree that this does work.  It does take some practice.

Look for an upcoming follow up episode where we dive deeper in to the effects of sleep deprivation and how you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

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