Podcast – Calorie Myths | The Problem with Eating Less and Moving More

In this episode, I’m going to explain why one of the most popular held beliefs around weight loss — “eat less, move more” — is actually severely flawed. In fact, you’ll finally understand why that message may be partly responsible for your own weight loss resistance. You’ll learn that weight loss isn’t just about calories. If it were as simple as just depending on calories, wouldn’t we have solved this all too common problem by now?



You’ll also hear…

  • Where and how the concept of a calorie originated
  • Why the calorie count on labels is inaccurate
  • When calories do make sense
  • What is really happening to your body when you’re cutting calories and exercising more
  • Why losing weight is less about the calories and more about the energy differential
  • My personal story with over-exercising
  • What happens to your mind and body when you exercise too much and don’t get enough rest
  • How much exercise is too much exercise
  • The difference between exercising and training



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