Podcast – Can Your Marriage Survive Infidelity? | Part 1 The Betrayed with Hasani & Danielle Pettiford

Welcome to part 1 of a 2-part interview with Hasani and Danielle Pettiford. They are a married couple who specialize in helping other couples improve their marriages. Specifically, recovering and restoring a marriage after infidelity. Today’s episode is geared toward the partner who has been betrayed: the stages of recovery, how to assess if the marriage is salvageable, how to take care of your wellbeing and how to, hopefully, save the marriage.


You’ll find out:

  • What drew Hasani & Danielle to their line of work
  • What is the discovery stage
  • What is full disclosure (re: a relationship in crisis)
  • Why the betrayed may not want to know the full truth
  • What the Pettifords encourage the betrayed spouse to do
  • What you might learn from the affair of your spouse
  • The 2 areas that take the longest to experience closure from
  • Why most people — who experience infidelity — divorce (and, surprise, it’s not because of the affair)
  • How to protect the marriage from the affair ever happening again
  • How/when does the couple make the decision, together, to stay and work on their marriage
  • The percentage of men vs women who commit infidelity
  • What motivates men vs women to restore their marriage
  • How the betrayed spouse can enter the phase of protecting the marriage while not creating distance (and shame) in themselves (and the unfaithful partner)
  • What is the parenting phase
  • What the unfaithful has the right to ask for
  • What 2 things an affair exposes
  • The 4 different types of forgiveness
  • How the Pettifords fixed their marriage
  • The difference between marriage and a relationship (and why it’s important to identify the difference)
  • Examples of triggers (within the relationship) and how to resolve them
  • What is time-lapse therapy
  • The 4 different types of intimacy
  • A powerful exercise to improve intimacy
  • Where does grief fit in for the betrayed partner
  • What the betrayed should NOT do
  • Why/how to protect kids from a marriage
  • How to get over being betrayed
  • Individual vs Marriage therapy
  • Different kinds of addiction (the betrayer may have)
  • What is truly possible for the future (of a relationship experiencing betrayal)



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