Podcast – Cellulite Facts and Myths You Need to Know

80% to 90% of women have cellulite (including myself). So if you’re a woman, this episode is most definitely worth a listen! Today, I’ll break down all things cellulite, including: facts, myths, misconceptions, what can you do about it, what you can’t do about it and so much more!


You’ll find out:

  • Why cellulite tends to show up and where
  • The correlation between hormones and cellulite
  • Why some people have a little bit of cellulite and others have a lot
  • How cellulite is formed
  • How men and women’s connective tissue differ
  • The biggest factor when it comes to cellulite
  • Why / how our lifestyle might determine how much cellulite we experience
  • How circulation plays a role in cellulite
  • If fascia blasting really works to reduce cellulite
  • Why it’s imperative to reduce inflammation to help with cellulite
  • How to reduce the size of your fat cells
  • How your sex hormones determine the way your skin looks
  • Why women who have higher testosterone and progesterone levels tend to have less cellulite
  • Ways to increase natural testosterone levels



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