Podcast – Chalene and Brock Take Your Questions

You’re in luck! This week, Brock and I will both tackle your questions! We hosted an Instagram chat a few days ago where followers could ask us any questions they had. So, now we’re taking the questions to you and you don’t want to miss it! We’ll cover many topics, like: what to do if you’ve started to lose engagement on Instagram, advice on engagement groups/pods, how to get in the habit of staying present while posting, the newest topic of whether or not likes will disappear in the U.S. on Instagram, and so much more!


You’ll find out:

  • Do you need to get permission to promote someone else’s product, podcast, book, etc.?
  • A major tip to get people to go to your link on IG
  • How to promote your business when everything isn’t perfectly finalized
  • Are Brock and I in favor of Instagram removing likes and why
  • What are the best ways to stand out on social media, especially when you’re in an MLM (multi-level marketing business)
  • What is the ONE question you have to ask yourself before every post
  • How to manage multiple feature accounts on Instagram successfully
  • My one advice when it comes to working with a virtual assistant





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