The Chalene Show Podcast Show Notes: Crazy Confidence

Confidence can be built and strengthened-26


EVENT-4Confidence is something we can all benefit from having a little more of. In this episode, I discuss the actionable steps that I’ve been able to apply in my own life. It’s important that you understand that confidence does not come from physical traits; it’s about experience that is built from overcoming fear. Truly confident individuals are comfortable in their own skin and are just easy to be around. I created this episode to provide you with the tools to overcome self-doubt and teach you to have the courage to overcome a fear of failure.



In this episode I discuss:

  • The actions you can take daily to build your self confidence
  • Steps you can take to change your inner voice and vocabulary
  • How to attract people to you that lift you up and help keep a positive environment
  • Confidence is something that grows, so practice feeling confident and then feed into that
  • How to overcome self doubt and realize that it’s okay to not be perfect
  • Help you understand that confidence is built from experience, experience comes from overcoming fear, and its that courage you muster up to overcome that fear that builds your confidence
  • Daily actions that create a positive confident building environment


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Time Codes:

00:00 intro
1:15 What comes to mind when you think of a confident person? What traits?
2:20 Who is the first person that comes to mind when I say, “quiet confidence.”
3:30 today we’re talking about actionable steps.
4:15 Confidence is built with experience.
5:15 Story of how a friend who owns a spray tanning business built her confidence.
7:00 You can’t have courage in the absence of fear.
8:00 Do something you’ve never done before and see how it affects your confidence.
9:30 Practice feeling confident.
9:50 Changing a habit.
11:00 Chalene’s experience dealing with negative reviews and how it affected her confidence.
13:12 Focus today on building a fortress around your confidence and create an evidence file.
14:00 Tip: schedule your workouts and make time to exercise.  Exercise has an incredible impact on confidence.
16:20 Ask yourself if you feel more confident about yourself after your workout.
17:10 Changing your vocabulary.
17:45 Break free from labels.
18:30 Stop speaking to yourself so negatively.  Parents, if not for you, then for the benefit of your children.
20:15 Here’s your call to action: use the opposite terms that your brain is producing.  Correct yourself.
21:18 Take a moment and fix yourself up.  This is deeper than the superficial.  When we dress in a way that makes us feel good, our whole mood and body position changes.
22:18 Grooming the dogs.
23:00 How physical appearance effects your inner confidence.
24:30 focus on your positive qualities.
25:40 30 day PUSH – put your life on a diet, do less and accomplish more.

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