Change Your Thinking with Therapy and Repetition

The Chalene Show

EP. 270

Have you ever wanted to change the way you think? Yeah.. thought so.

This episode was (once again) recorded from my car. But don’t worry, I was on the freeway (basically) the whole time with my phone propped up on a little mount. Therefore, I can assure you that this podcast was filmed with safety precautions in mind.

In this episode, I will guide you to take inventory of your subconscious. Thoughts reside in our subconscious. Oftentimes, we don’t acknowledge the beliefs that are ingrained in our minds. We tend to allow these beliefs to take the wheel, even when we don’t really know why we believe a specific way.

I’ll be asking you some questions that may help you to indicate whether or not it is time to seek out a therapist or professional help. I am such a fan of therapy. In fact, everyone in my family, as well as a majority of my closest girlfriends, receive therapy on a regular basis. I’ll share with you my thoughts on how to find THE best therapist for you, one that you truly feel comfortable with.

Now… I am aware that, financially or mentally, therapy may not be an option for some people. Therefore, I have a few alternative practices you can incorporate into your lifestyle FOR FREE to change the way you formulate or shape your thoughts. I encourage you to listen in to hear these!

This topic is one that I’d love to talk more about! So, if you have any questions or suggestions to expand on this episode, feel free to hit me up on the socials and let me know!! Just make sure to use the hashtag… #ChaleneShow so I can find ya.


Some of the Questions Asked in This Episode
1. How to change your thinking, especially when your initial thoughts tend to be negative? (1:15)
2. Do you feel like you are a positive person, yet you often ask yourself “What do these people think of me?” (1:28)
3. What if you are not in a situation financially or mentally to consider therapy as an option? What other alternatives do you then have to change your thinking? (4:32)
4. And much more…

What You’ll Learn in This Episode
1. How I can tell from a few sentences within a conversation OR a message on social media that someone isn’t confident at all (2:15)
2. When you should seek out the help of an expert (2:55)
3. How to find a therapist you “fit” with (3:30)
4. A really good therapist is going to make you… (3:50)
5. To change a belief or habit that is deeply embedded in your subconscious, you must invite… (5:48)
6. The reason why I no longer get nervous before going on stage (6:30)
7. What I tell myself before doing something really scary (6:57)
8. The things we want ingrained in our minds need to be… (8:42)
9. Step 1 is… (9:20)
10. How we use repetition in the One3One Method (9:30)
11. And much more…


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