Podcast – Protecting Our Children from Sexual Predators | Why We Must Believe Our Children

An Important Message on Child Sexual Abuse

Join me for a very important episode, one that voices a VERY important and serious message. This one’s especially important if you are a parent. I share with you why we must listen to our children when they come forth about sexual abuse, and I share a story about something that just recently happened involving my own daughter. Forewarning, this may or may not be the episode you want to listen to with your kids in the back seat.

The Message You Don’t Want to Miss

This episode starts off with a storytime by my remarkable assistant of 10 years, Kristin (I seriously don’t know what I’d do without this woman). She shares her experience of being a victim of child sexual abuse at the age of 10. She voices how parents need to assure their kids feel comfortable with coming forth to them and opening up when sexually abused, for she feared to open up to her parents about it. The fear carried with her to her adult years and dramatically impacted her ability to mother her own children. Parents, you can be preventative! And you’ll hear more about how you can be preventative and protect your children when you tune in to this episode.

The statistics of child sexual abuse is a bit overwhelming but we can all do our part to help put a stop to this just by being aware of how prevalent the problem is. 1 in 10 children will be sexually abused before age 18. 20% are abused before the age of 8. 93% of child sexual abuse victims knew their abuser.

This is why it is so important. You can NOT just trust anyone. It is time for you to be more cautious and more suspicious… even of the people you are closest with. Child sexual abuse is never a child’s fault, but many times children fear to come forward to their parents, for they fear the reaction they will receive from their parents. Many times, children fear they are not going to be believed… that they will not be taken seriously. The one thing you need to get from this message is that you need to listen to your child always. Why would a child make something like that up?

child sexual abuse

Share This Message If You Can!

This episode is a heavy topic, but it is one that needs be voiced and heard much more often. If this message impacted you in any way or “woke you up”, PLEASE share the message along. Share the link to this podcast on your Facebook page. Send it to your closest friends and family. Screenshot the podcast on your phone and post it to your Instagram Story. This is the most important podcast I have ever recorded to date, and it needs to be heard by all.

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