Podcast – How to Grow Your Online Coaching Business | Why Some People Are Successful & Some Aren’t

How to Scale Your Expertise

What is your expertise? And do you know how to scale it? Everyone has at least one thing they are good at or like to teach other people about. Brock shares exactly how you can turn your expertise into a virtual training course to make some extra money online.

We are our own harshest critics. I know it may sound like I’m speaking for all here, but we are often obsessed with the idea of perfecting before sharing. Whether it’s, “I don’t want to share my blog name with anyone until the blog is perfect” or “I don’t want to create a course on something until I’m an expert and I’ve got all the right equipment to film a professional video.” Sound familiar? You simply need to just start.

It’s time to break through that mentality. Imagine where you’d be right now, the growth you may have had if you had just STARTED 3 months ago. Accept that you can be messy and be REAL. Just be your human self and people will love you for who you are, learn as you go through the imperfect journey and then grow!


What You Will Learn In This Podcast About Scaling Your Expertise: 

  • Brock’s experience with developing an online course prior to one on one coaching. (3:30)
  • Why your brand and message don’t have to be perfect. (4:00)
  • We are our own harshest critics. (5:30)

Thanks so much for tuning in to this episode of Build Your Tribe hosted by my son Brock. This topic of making something of your expertise is definitely his area of expertise. Ask yourself…”What is MY expertise?” Take the information you’ve gathered from this lesson and GO GO GO! Feel free to message us and let us know if you’re starting your imperfect journey today!


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