Podcast – Codependency and Autonomy in Healthy Relationships

In this episode, Bret and I talk about how early behaviors in our relationship resulted in serious codependency patterns. You’ll also learn how codependency can take on many forms and how I, eventually, came to terms with this (negatively perceived) label. Growth is something we should all strive for.


You’ll find out:

  • The definition of codependency that I related to most
  • My main suggestion if you feel anxiety more than any other emotion re: your relationship
  • Why couples might tend to grow apart
  • Why, when Bret and I were first married, I was afraid to do things without him
  • The times in our relationship I was resistant to change
  • Why it’s healthy to have independence in your relationship
  • Why/how it’s important to make a wise decision re: your relationship — based on past experiences
  • Is there a right amount of time to spend together / apart?



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