Supplement Scams, Testing and Rankings with Neil Thanedar of

This episode is literally going to blow your mind!

We’re talking about supplements. I want to forward you and preface this episode by saying, this is not about which ones you should or shouldn’t be taking.  This is about supplement efficacy and if the manufacturer is being truthful about WHAT is on the label.

In this episode I interview Neil Thanedar of LabDoor. You might be wondering how I found LabDoor. A few months ago i purchased a magnesium supplement on Amazon. After taking it, I got deathly ill… I mean deathly ill. I have never reacted to a supplement in my life, and to be honest, it scared me! So I hopped online and started researching like crazy. I found out about LabDoor on a Reddit forum, and was amazed at how freaking awesome LabDoor is!

Here’s a little bit about LabDoor!

They test supplements to determine if products contain what they say they contain and then they provide all of the research to the consumer. They hide nothing and act as a separate, unbiased party.

They take products and reverse engineering what active ingredients are in the product, and then ranks it.

LabDoor ranks all their supplements by the following categories:
Label accuracy
Product purity
Nutritional value
Ingredients safety
Projected Efficacy

What makes LabDoor so amazing is the fact that they are unbiased, and unaffected by the price of the product. They provide complete transparency to the customer.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:
– What is Bioavailability.
– Understanding label accuracy.
– California standards and Prop 65 – lead being present in products on the shelves
– Why LabDoor tests products and future products they want to test
– How price is determined for products and how there is no correlation to quality
– What pharmaceutical grade actually means

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