Convicted of Murdering Someone at Age 17: The Ryan Ferguson Story

Chalene speaks with author Ryan Ferguson (“Stronger, Faster, Smarter”) about being wrongly convicted of murder at the age of 17. After spending over a decade behind bars, Ryan learned a lot about the value of both emotional strength and physical strength. In this interview, he explains how he adjusted to a life in prison, how he worked out, and how he’s coping with this strange detour in his life.

Ryan-Headshot-edited-1030x686Since regaining his freedom, Ryan Ferguson works to raise awareness about false convictions. He also works with the nonprofit organization, Ava’s Grace, which provides scholarships for higher education to children who have a parent or guardian incarcerated. Writing and fitness have been two important outlets for him; he competed in a Spartan Race, and has a new book titled “Stronger, Faster, Smarter,” about how to push through obstacles in life.

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For more information about Ryan and his incredible story of resilience: – Any information pertaining to Ryan’s case – Ryan’s fitness website – Ryan’s Facebook page that gained over 100k supporters during his incarceration – Ryan’s Fitness Facebook page

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