Podcast – Coping with Cancer | with, Jennifer Delvaux

Today, I talk with my very close friend, Jen Delvaux — who has become a bit of an expert on dealing with cancer. Her husband was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2009 and she, herself, with breast cancer just this year. They currently share their story/journey on a revelatory (and fun!) podcast — Not Today Cancer — they co-host together. This is a very important episode that’ll help you better understand how to deal with a true health scare, whether it’s that of a loved one or yourself.


You’ll find out:

  • The backstory on Darren’s (Jen’s husband) initial symptoms/diagnosis/prognosis
  • How Jen handled all the news re: Darren’s diagnosis
  • The process of Darren’s brain surgery
  • What grade means re: brain cancer
  • Darren’s mindset throughout all of this
  • How Darren’s diagnosis changed Jen’s life
  • The backstory of Jen’s diagnosis with breast cancer
  • Shocking breast cancer statistic
  • How Jen coped with her initial diagnosis (and how she contrasts with her husband)
  • The documentary I recommend on dealing with stress
  • Jen’s surprising thoughts on researching one’s diagnosis
  • How Jen handles social media re: responding to her diagnosis
  • Do’s and Don’ts on how to handle the diagnosis of those in your life
  • Mistakes family and friends make re: the diagnosis of a loved one
  • Jen’s thoughts on approaching someone about a GoFundMe (for them)
  • What Jen has changed in her life since her diagnosis
  • How Jen protects her energy
  • Why/how almost all illnesses / autoimmune diseases can be cured the same way



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