Podcast – Feeling Out of Sorts | Coping with Coronavirus

Today, I continue my coverage of the Coronavirus Crisis and how it is impacting all of us. Do you feel completely out of sorts? Is your daily routine totally disrupted? You are not alone! In this episode, I’ll open up about what I’m currently experiencing during these uncertain times. You’ll also find actionable tips — you can start today! — that really helped me feel less stressed out! My promise is to use these podcasts to provide comfort and guidance during this unbelievably crazy and surreal time. We are all in this together!


You’ll hear…

  • When God recently answered my prayers re: the news of a loved one’s sickness
  • The power and importance of your circadian rhythm
  • What happens to one’s brain and body when their schedule is off
  • Why you must get back to your old routines ASAP
  • Surprising examples as to why you’re probably feeling out of sorts right now
  • What are anchors and why you need new ones during this crisis
  • The easiest way to develop a new habit
  • How I plan to serve you online every day during this time of uncertainty
  • How I turn to my faith and my reminder for you to do so, as well



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