Podcast – Coping With A World Flipped Upside Down

Recently, I had a Zoom call with some of my closest friends so we could all catch up and check in with each other during this very uncertain time. Just like all of you listening… each of my friends are in very different places in business and in life. So, I thought I’d share some thoughts and tips that came from that powerful conversation in the hopes you’ll adopt the attitude that it’s quite possible to thrive in our current unprecedented environment.


You’ll hear:

  • Positive voice messages from listeners about some recent good changes to be grateful for in these times
  • My reminder to you that your survival rate, thus far, is 100% (and that’s not changing)
  • What it means to thrive in this situation
  • Why and how you must plan for the worst-case scenario (using my own personal examples)
  • How faith plays a role in my planning
  • Why you must accept that you cannot control the sea
  • How to take inventory of your blessings right now
  • How and why so many diseases could be prevented by reducing stress
  • How responses to questions I’ve been posing on Instagram have been evolving
  • The ways in which, I think, life will be different and better due to current conditions
  • Why I don’t think going back to school in this climate is a good idea
  • What Bret and I feel is our full-time job right now



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