Creating a Better Connection to Your Kids

If you’re trying to maintain a good connection with your children as they grow up and become adults, this episode will prove super helpful! 

I’m very proud of the close relationship I’ve maintained with my kids (both young adults now). So today, I’ll share what I felt worked when raising Brock and Cierra! And I’ll also provide tips and strategies for making your children feel connected, safe and confident — so they grow up to be self-sufficient adults.


You’ll find out:

  • When connection starts with your children
  • How we often get it wrong as parents
  • What it really means to be connected to your child
  • The importance of finding the right environment to bond with your kids
  • What is supporting without pushing 
  • Thoughts on placing expectations on your kids
  • My feelings on grades
  • What it means to truly accept your child
  • How to break through the barrier of your kids’ walls
  • How to set up boundaries
  • A mistake we made with our kids
  • How Bret and I connected, specifically, with our kids (when they were teenagers)
  • Activities we discouraged with our kids
  • “Sacrifices” we made for our kids



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