Podcast – Creating a Plan for the next 90 days | How to Push Goal

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It may not be a surprise to learn that a very small percentage of people ever achieve their goals. But what may be a surprise is knowing what people who DO accomplish their goals all have in common. They put them in writing! Which is why I highly recommend to listen to this show with pen and paper. Or a PUSH Journal (if you’re super cool)! Today, I’ll teach you how to accomplish serious goal setting and kick off your New Year right!

You’ll also find out…

  • Initial parameters set around goal setting
  • Why your goals must be specific
  • Why your goals should push you outside your comfort zone
  • How to focus on the key area of life you’re trying to improve
  • The importance of wrapping an emotion around your goal (i.e., how will it make you feel)
  • Why the PUSH goal is the most integral part of your goal setting system
  • What is a PUSH goal and how to do it the right way (with supportive examples)
  • The 4 things you need to accomplish any one of your goals
  • The benefit of writing down every possible idea for a PUSH goal (i.e., brainstorming)



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