Creating your First Offer with Irene of Icy Productions

This year our goal within our program, Marketing Impact Academy, is to help our students develop what I like to call an introductory offer or baby offer.  This is what we’re finding is helping people build a list of buyers.  Look, Freemiums are amazing and will help you build your email list.  However, there is a changing economy of free which is causing people to not acknowledge or actually use your freemium that they opted in for.  Freemium are become less effective… NOT ineffective, just less effective.  People are understanding that there is value in paying for quality services.  Become will pay for the answers.  To help you better understand the process of creating a baby offer, I brought on my dear Friend Irene of Icy Productions.  In this episode you’ll hear the process she went through to create and develop her baby offer, how she used a focus group to help in the development, and testing the product with a beta launch to figure out how it is that program was going to perform.  This is a 2 part episode.  Part 1 is above and the link to part 2 is below.

Part 2 with Icy! Click Here!

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