Critical Overlooked Simple Step in Goal Mastery

Today we are talking about goals and the mere mention of goals for some people, it freaks you out because it feels heavy and it feels like oh boy, that does not sound like fun. So I want to make this really simple for you today and exciting and fun and light and actionable. Today, I want to talk to you about a very critical step that most people leave outside of their goal setting. First and foremost, you have to know this. Your goals need to be in writing. First of all, goals need to be measurable meaning that you can’t – it is not in your best interests to set goals that are vague like I need to get in better shape, I need to build my email list, I should spend more time with my husband. All of those are so vague and your brain doesn’t know what to do with ambiguity. That’s why when we hear like part of a story, we fill in all the extra pieces.

It’s hard for our brains to process anything that’s incredibly vague and the same is true of goals. So when we set goals that are general like, I need to get in better shape, our brain goes, I don’t know what to do with that other than to keep beating you up and when we say things like I should work more on my business… your brain says, well what am I supposed to do with that vague piece of information. However, when you give it specificity such as it is my goal to exercise five times a week or I need to make sure that I am scheduling a date night once a week with my spouse, or my goal is to add 200 people to my email list every single day, that’s very specific.  As some of you have mentioned here, it is a common practice amongst professionals who teach goal setting to use the term measure. You’ve probably heard the term before, SMART goals where there needs to be measure attached and the measure needs to be very specific so that even a child could say, okay you hit your mark.

You can very easily let yourself off the hook. So they need to have measure.  Next, this is something I believe is incredibly important. They must be written down! When you put your goals in writing, what happens is, you take it from your head and each letter as you write it…. not on your phone, that’s very different…. what happens is your brain begins to process each letter as you are writing them. That processing piece is very important because it’s like taking it from an idea that’s bouncing around on your head and you are processing what exactly it is that you want and when you write it down, I personally believe it’s putting it out into the universe and once you decided that you really want something and you are determined to make it happen, the universe works with you to make that happen. It’s amazing.

Goals should be fast approaching and bite size. I used to for many many years and even in my book Push, I taught the concept of teaching a system of goal setting based on 12 months, just you know, what would you like to say you’ve done in the next 12 months but I don’t do that anymore and that is because I have practical experience working with thousands and thousands and thousands of entrepreneurs and I have very specific personal experience working with a handful of very successful entrepreneurs in our private coaching and mentorship group where we were able to experiment with the length of time that goals are set.

A goal is something that’s like, this is scary. It would be amazing but it’s going to take some courage for me to even speak it out loud. It’s not going to be simple and that’s what I want you to do today is to set a 90-day goal. What type of goals should you set? I personally believe that at least three of your goals should be related to an area where you feel after you’ve done an assessment of all areas of your life, your health, your mental health, your physical health, your environment meaning your car, home, closet, kitchen like where you hang out your office space, your romantic relationships, your personal relationships, I mean it’s friends and family members, your hobbies or what I like to call your joy goals like goals that you do just for joy, your spirituality goals, your goals related to your purpose, your financial goals and I think I’ve missed one other but all of those areas, you want to take a look at them and decide, okay well where am I kind of missing the mark.

For more specifics on goal setting, watch the video above! Get out a pen and a piece of paper and get ready to take some notes!

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